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15/01/2018 21:43
The Forum has taken over from the Blog so follow the link   and come start chatting.   There are T girls and Wives debating Crossdressing, acceptance, and a whole raft of topics.   I may blog more in the future but...

Why do men Crossdress THE FORUM

13/12/2017 18:46
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When coms break down and Crossdressing becomes the Elephant in the room?

31/03/2017 18:50
It’s hard when communication around Crossdressing hits the dirt and you may feel that it feels like neither of you wants to bring the subject up again but it then becomes the Elephant in the room and can lead to resentment by the both of you around the subject or the wife may feel ignore it and it...

I can accept someone else doing it but not you it’s just not you no one would think you’re a crossdresser

31/03/2017 18:47
“Crossdressers find it difficult to understand why a wife could accept a friend as a crossdresser but not their husband” as My wifes said this to me, she’d be ok if it was a friend of ours who was a crossdresser but it’s hard to accept me as a T-Girl / Crossdresser as she said when I told her “It’s...

Conditional Love?

31/03/2017 18:44
Katie makes a good point in the chat help and debate page “Is the love for a husband conditional?” I  would like my wife to dress up a little more, to see her in dresses, tights (stockings ohhh) and high heels but I’m not about to leave because she won't. Interestingly Emma did a positive...

The Curiosity between husband and Wife what does each side really Feel?

31/03/2017 18:35
The curiosity with Crossdressing between husband and wives or Bfs and Gfs of how much we really understand the feelings of the other side is all down to open and honest communication be it verbally or written down. I cannot begin to TRULY understand how a wife or my wife might feel about my...

Why did I get married knowing I was a crossdresser and my wife may not accept it

31/03/2017 18:33
When I got married : A) Crossdressing in my mind wasn’t a factor as I’d more or less stopped dressing B) I didn’t think Crossdressing would ever be a problem or factor until it escalated due to stress and C) How do we know how women will react to us as Crossdressers? Should we turn them aside and...

Statistically Crossdressers as Husbands are Rare?

31/03/2017 18:32
Statistically, crossdressing is probably rare? Who knows really how many men crossdress – no one would guess I do it so if I do it I’d say a % of men who crossdress may be bigger than we imagine A woman may not have any trouble finding a husband who doesn't crossdress but maybe the guy you marry...

The rationalisations of Crossdressing

31/03/2017 18:27
He needs to dress. He can't help it. It's harmless. It’s fun It makes him happy. He'll be stressed if he doesn't, He's still a man under the clothes. The gut response to these answers from a wife may be being 'why should I accommodate or understand his crossdressing?' Is fair enough you don’t have...

Why should a husband accept his wife not wearing makeup, sexy lingerie, high heels and a dress?

31/03/2017 18:25
Because to say something is Sexist!! (???? go figure) So we put up with it oh and we sulk …. and crossdress to compensate.  
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